Photo Workshop Wilmington Delaware: Creating Your Photographic Series

This photo workshop featured Robin Davis. She taught us five ways to make a series of images work as a unit so they fit together, seem to belong together.


Creating Your Photographic Series
May 20-22, 2016, Arden, Delaware

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort area and add more interest to your photographic work.

Evening of Friday, May 20, 7-9pm
Room 3, Buzz Ware Village Center
2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

Overview of Robin’s work and how using five basic directives in photography have empowered her career. Examples of each directive will be illustrated, and how combining these ideas have helped her create work in a series; that is, a defined set of images that fit together.

Saturday, May 21, 9-1pm
followed by shooting in the afternoon
Room 3, Buzz Ware Village Center
2119 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

In the morning, participants showed examples of a series of their own. We discussed the techniques, style and purposeful intention of each individual photographer. A new personal course of action was planned for each participant, employing a simplified combination of effects, color palettes, lighting and more, to define our personal series.

In the afternoon we went to Longwood Gardens to practice these effects together, while tapping into our idea first, then calling on our technical know-how to support our ultimate vision. We are speaking with a visual voice and there is a message behind our work that we need to consider.

Saturday Evening, May 21, 6:pm
Lower Gild Hall
2126 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810

We had supper Saturday evening at the Arden Club’s Gild Hall. This is a weekly community dinner prepared by a different crew each week, one of the central events of the Arden communities.

Sunday Morning, May 22, 10am
in a member’s home

We reviewed the previous day’s work together. Over the following months, photographers will continue to work on their series, on their own. Once completed, a selection of the work will be featured on this website.

To learn more about Robin Davis, visit
Robin Davis Website
Robin Davis Blog
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