Different Visions Exhibit, May 3-31, 2019


May 3–31, 2019 at the Buzz Ware Village Center, 2129 The Highway, Arden, Delaware.
Art Loop Reception, Friday, May 3, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Members of the Brandywine Photo Collective bring their work to the Village of Arden. Three of the photographers are residents of Arden, which is often called an artist community. The theme of the exhibit is “Different Visions”. Visions can be individual perceptions of things visible or mystical personal experiences of things otherwise invisible. Each artist exhibiting has a different vision; some are wildly different from one another! Although some of the images are the same as our previous exhibit at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, many of the artists are showing new work.

The Brandywine Photo Collective is an alliance of accomplished photographers in the Brandywine Valley who meet regularly for inspiration, education, and fellowship. We explore and promote fine art photography by sharing our vision, increasing our knowledge, encouraging one another, and exhibiting our work.

Photo: Farmhouse on the headland between the mountains and the sea by Walter Borders.


The Buzz does not have regular hours, but if you look at its on-line calendar, the building is open whenever an event is listed. Just do not try to see the show while folks are using Room 3. See:
For example, there is an open Art Studio every Monday at 7pm in Room 4, so 7pm to 8pm would be a good time to visit Room 3.